220 Army Cadet Unit (Lithgow)


We accept young adults aged 13 to 16 year old who want to learn lifelong lessons from army training packages. We hope to be training the future leaders of Australia regardless of whether or not they go on to join the military. At a minimum, we hope to produce valuable, contributing, respectful and disciplined Australians. We train on State School Term Thursdays 1815-2130hrs and potential new recruits are accepted in the first week of each term. Term fees are $20. Local camps range from $15-35. Promotion Courses are no cost except transport in some cases and the Annual State (8 day) Exercise and it's transport is free. Opportunities to travel out of the area, make new friends and develop leadership values in a military styled environment are available.

On your first time to Marrangaroo Army Camp you will have one trial night to see if this is what you want to do and clear up any doubtful points you may have. You will see the base and meet the Staff of Instructors and Officers. You will get your dinner for free on your first night only. To be able to parade beyond your first night with us, you will need you registration to be finalised. On your 5th night with us, your will be issued with your uniforms and field equipment.

If this page has not answered your questions please navigate to this national link: www.armycadets.gov.au

If you know you would like to join:


If you still have questions after reading these resources, please contact our volunteer staff by writing to the group email box below.

Thank you for your interest in the Australian Army Cadets and we look forward to meeting you at our Marrangaroo Army Camp Facility.

Contact Information

For further enquiries call (02) 6351 3053 and leave a message for our volunteer staff to provide you with the relevant answer.


Contact: mailto:220ACU@cadetnet.gov.au





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