Uniting Care Mental Health Services


Uniting Care Mental Health provides a number of services across the geographic area os Sydney West Area Health Service (Auburn to Lithgow)


Lifeline Telephone Counselling
Lifeline Western Sydney provides a 24hour 7day telephone counselling, support and referral service to people in crisis, at the actual time of their need. By calling 13 11 14 for the cost of a local call, (with the exception of mobiles and some phone plans), callers can connect to an empathic and caring volunteer, trained to listen non-judgementally and to provide appropriate referrals. Contact janearmstrong@lifelinews.org.au for further information.

Lifeline Education & Training
The Lifeline Western Sydney Education and Training Department aims to increase knowledge and skills associated with counselling, communication, mental health and suicide risk. Lifeline Western Sydney provides courses such as the Volunteer Telephone Counsellors Course, Mental Health First Aid and the Applied Suicide Intervention Training (ASIST) workshop. For further information on customised programs and training please email training@lifelinews.org.au or phone 02 9689 2860

Lifeline General Counselling
The general counselling service is available to anyone over the age of sixteen, who has a need for counselling with tertiary trained staff. Clients may seek assistance with relationship issues, anxiety and depression, and many other issues. Clients can be individuals with or without a diagnosed mental illness, or families or couples who are experiencing difficulties. The service operates with a sliding scale of payment, making it affordable to all. Please call on 9891 6212 for an appointment.

Problem Gambling Treatment Service

The Problem Gambling Treatment Service provides help for anyone affected by problem gambling, including the partners and families of gamblers. It is a free and confidential service funded by the NSW Responsible Gambling Fund. Interpreters can be arranged for other languages if needed. Business hours and after hour appointments are available. Outreach counselling services are also available at Castle Hill. Please call on 9891 6212 for an appointment.

Financial Counselling Service

The Financial Counselling Service assists clients who are experiencing difficulties through debts incurred. This can include improving financial literacy, budgeting assistance and negotiations with debtors. This service is funded by the Responsible Gambling Fund. There are also outreach services provided at Castle Hill and Rouse Hill. Please call on 9891 6212 for an appointment.

Parramatta Leisure Club – PLC

The Parramatta Leisure Club is a community based, consumer guided service initiative of the Uniting Care Mental Health Services and Sydney WEst Area Health Service. PLC is an adult service directed at providing recreation and leisure activities, social networks and support for people living with persistent mental illness in Western Sydney. The Parramatta Leisure club is a referral based service which gains its membership through active referral of clients via health and community services located in Western Sydney. The Parramatta Leisure Club is an evolving, client focused transitional recovery service that applies its resources to meet the needs of the clients of the day. The aims and objectives of the club include that of improving the social independence and health outcomes of participating clients. For further information please call 9806 1831.

Family and Carer Mental Health program

The family and Carer Mental Health Program offers education and training and individual support services to families and carers of those with mental illness; that live within the geographic area of Sydney West Area Health Service (Auburn- Lithgow) The program aims to improve carer well-being , resilience, coping and relationships. For further information regarding this program please contact program staff on 8842 8289 or fcmhinfo@parramattamission.org.au

Day to Day Living in the Community

The Day today Living in the Community Program aims to assist people with severe and persistent mental illness to improve their quality of life and live successfully at an optimal level of independence in the community. The program is directed at individuals who experience social isolation and hopes to increase their community connectedness by participation in social, recreational and educational activities on a weekly or monthly basis. Clients are to be referred to this service via community based mental health support agencies.

For further information, please call 9806 1831

Consumer Representative

The role of Consumer Representative involves a vairety of tasks which are vital to providing consumers iwth a voice. Drawing on past experiences with mental health services to assist and support consumers and the services they are involved in. These taks may include: Assisting consumers hwo have issues or complaints about the services they are offereed, providing consumers with information aboutr their reights and responsibilities, individual peer support, self education, and system advocacy. Please contact 8842 8201 Monday - Friday 9.30 am to 11.30 am

Mental Health Supported Accommodation – Irene Luth

Irene Luth is a 27 bed Mental Health Supported Accommodation Service providing residential support to consumers to continue their psycho-social rehabilitation with the aim of living independently in the community. To obtain referral information contact the office on 9683 6809.

Personal Helpers and Mentors Program

The Personal Helpers and Mentors program will support participants in their recovery journey, building long term relationships and providing holistic support. They will ensure that services accessed by program participants are coordinated integrated and complementary to other services in the community. The program will assist people aged 16 years and over whose ability to manage their daily activities and to live independently in the community is severely impacted as a result to a server mental illness.

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